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Prevention Education

The staff of RSAC would like to assist you by providing training and education about sexual assault prevention to your faculty and/or students. All education services are free of charge.

Presentations on the following topics are provided on an age appropiate level to meet the needs of the group requesting services.


Personal Safety

Children and teens learn important safety rules about:

  • Home safety

  • Good and Bad Strangers

  • Good Touch/Bad Touch

  • Tricky People

  • In and Around Your Car

  • Safety When Traveling


Sexual Harassment (adapted to age level)

  • What is it?

  • What can I do to stop it?

  • Sexual Harassment: It's Hurting People (Grades 5-8)



  • K-1st  "It's Not OK to Bully"

  • 2nd-5th  "I Was Just Kidding!"

  • 6th-8th  "Bullying 101"

  • 8th-12th  "Bullies and Harassment on Campus

  • Teachers & Staff  "Strategies for Dealing with Bullies"


Dating Violence and Healthy Relationships

  • Recognize warning signs of an unhealthy relationship


Sexual Assault and Abuse

  • Learn common myths, prevelence and effects of sexual assault


Mandated Reporting

  • Learn when to report and how to report


Strong Self Plus Girls Group

  • Prevention program developed for at risk girls specifically between the ages of 11-14

  • Focuses on healthy relationships, skill building, and self-esteem

  • Inquire at your school if this program is offered already


RAD Self Defense

  • Learn self defense skills

  • For boys and girls (5-11) and women ages 12 & up






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