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RAD Programs

Part of our mission at RSAC is to educate and help prevent sexual assault. RAD is a program whose mission is to train self-defense instructors who, in turn, will teach others self defense.




Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)

RSAC offers Rape Aggression Defense for women. This training is a hands-on physical self-defense class designed to teach teachniques to provide safety if it is ever threatened.


Training includes 8 hours of basic self defense with 2 hours of simulation. A police officer dresses up in an aggressor suit and you can test out your new moves.


Classes are $20 a person and offered to females only ages 12 & up.



Rape Aggression Defense Kids (RAD KIDS)

RAD KIDS is a free comprehensive safety education program for children aged 5-11. RAD KIDS focuses on seven core areas:

  • Home Safety
  • School Safety
  • Out-and-About Safety
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Stranger Tricks (including physical defense against abduction)
  • Personal Safety (including good, bad, and uncomfortable touch)
  • Self-Realization of Personal Power


The program is designed to help children recognize potential hazards, and provide them with realistic options for effective response. By emopowering them to make positive choices, we hope to enable them to avoid or escape dangerous situations.


Training includes 5 1 1/2 hour sessions and includes simulation with a police officer.



For more information about RAD and RAD KIDS, please contact our prevention educators

by calling 815-636-9811 or use our Contact Us.


























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